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Personal Information & responsible:
Hans-Joerg Kriebel

KG 970

DO5HJK --> change in the next days

Dipl.Ing. Elektrotechnik /acadamically trained engineer electrical engineering

(software for nurse call systems Honeywell brand Ackermann)

favorite places:  B.C., Lappia,
favorite animal: wolf, Tula *12-23-2003 - +03-12-2008
favorite colour:  blue

special Activities:
doing outdoor & "whiteman-survival" since 1982

and working with children/young people since 1982 (formerly CVJM & "my own")

doing & teaching native-american-skills & more since 1997

- trained by Tom Brown jr. and Jon Young (esp. Kamana* & Shikari) f.e. - *KG970

former member of Internationaler Wildnisfuehrerverband/Internat.Assoziation of Wilderness Guides

being a christian since 1983                                                                           



nature, native-american-skills, canoeing, outdoors, wing tsun self-defense, hunting, roleplaying (middle earth roleplaying!) & other games, books, computers.


Some important sign posts of my life:
my father who taught me "to know", to "think about", & "to make"

Marcel Luft who inspired me first to walk a natural & spiritual path

Hoimar v. Dittfurth - a teacher to my mind with his books

Jesus - a teacher to my soul (and more)

CVJM-camps -Haeuptlingsfreizeiten- which taught me to teach and to guide young people

Ruediger Nehberg for the inspiration at the right time

Tom Brown who kicked me to walk the path of nature through his books & classes

Jon Young who trained my awareness & connection to the natural world
Larry Jones who showed me the next direction...


last change: 6-8-2018


   Grandfather of all scouts


- teach me to be the eyes of my people

- teach me to move like the shadows

- allow me to become the winds, the rocks, the soils,

   and all life forces in all its forms

- allow me to suffer for my people and take away their pain

- for I love my people beyond myself and I will sacrifice my 

   all for my people, my earth, and for You

- test me beyond all hardship and pain

- create me as You would forge a tool and if You find I am

   worthy then bless me as Your servant


   Your scout


  Apache Master Scout "Shadow Walker"

  Summer 1807, Panther Ridge Mexico,

  Vision Quest, Age 91



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