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 primitive skills, tracking, awareness, native american survival:                                      Amazon

Wildernessschool's portal

Tom Brown's trackerschool

Wilderness Awareness School

Nature Skills

Earthwalk Northwest

White Pine Programs

Vermont Wilderness


On Point Tactical Tracking Servicel

Past Skills Wilderness School

Practical Primitive

Kamana  Kamana Europe

Shikari Tracking Guild

Hawk Circle

Trackers and Naturalists

Photography & Nature

Virtual Dirt Time

Earth Heart

Prairie Wolf

Living Wild

Wilderness school's portal for europe

Tracking, Nature & Wilderness Survival

Jon Young's (Infos)  WAS                                            ebay

John Gallagher

Frank & Karen Sherwood Wilderness School

Dan Gardoqui, Maine                                                  antiquaria

Mark Morey

Larry Dean Olsen

Kevin Reeves forensic & tactical tracking

Billy & Kristi McConnell

Eddie Starnater (knapping!)

Naturalist Training at home                              

How to become a tracker at home

Earth Skills Correponce Course

Jim Halfpenny Tracking

Paul Reszendes Tracking

Tracking - online

Malcom Ringwalt - vision & healing

John & Geri McPherson

Lynx Wilden

Seismic Monitor

Weather Underground

Seismic Monitor



 wilderness skills in germany:





Susanne Fischer Rizzi

Eckhart Tolle

Wilderness school's portal for europe

school of practical cultural knowlwedge

wilderness groups in Oberberg

experimental archaeology (stone age skills & material)

plants & more

Eckhart Tolle 



 wilderness skills in europe:


Ueberlebensschule Tirol

Natur Agentur

Natur & Wildnisschule der Alpen

Native Spirit



Natural Pathways


Netherlands, Malden

Austria, Tirol                                                      Survival-Forum

Austian nature, wilderness surival-school

Austria, Tirol

Austria, Tirol

Suisse, Zuerich

UK, Nature Awareness & Outdoor Tracking School

UK, Natural Pathways

UK, Trackways



 contact to other trackers:


Trackerschool students

Natural Skills Forum

trackerschool students


Tracking in the internet (North America):


Virtual Dirt Time

42X Animal Track Links

Bear Tracker

Nature North

College of Agriculture & Home Econ.

Humboldt Net

Animal Tracks

The Tracker Magazine


Search & Forensic Investigation

Tracking - Online

Animal Track-Links

Animal Tracks Den

Tracks of some Manitoba Mammals

Identifying & Conserving Animal Tracks

Animal Tracks of Humboldt Country

PDF-Animal Tracks 

Tracking Charts

International Society of Professionall Tracker


 other wilderness:

The Caretaker


Primitive Ways

Primitive Technology


Animal Spirits


Liber Herbarum





Plants for a Future


Survival International

Simple Living Network

Ishmael Community


birds of europe

Walter Muma's Caretaker

Walter Muma's Tracker Trail                       

Primitive skills, tools, technology

Primitive technology - LINKS!!!


Spiritual Animal

search engine for medicinal plants

herbal medicine


plant data & more (very slow loading, links)

cooking with plants & more

medicinal plants & more

database of plants and their uses (latin + english)

the agrarian rebel permanent agriculture

supporting tribal people

Simple Lifestyle

Ishmael/my Ishmael, Daniel Quinn

mammals german/latin/english

my multilingual linklist



 material & more:

Cybertracker 3

Cybertracker 2

Cybertracker Handhabung

MasterShikari 2

Europa-Sequenz 2


Shields UP!


Cybertracker, Info & Software (3)

Cybertracker, Software (2) and converter (2 --> 3)

using Cybertracker

Jon Young's NA Master Shikari Sequence

personal European Master Shikari Sequence (V2 unfinished)

analyze possible virus

check internet security of your pc




Indian Flute


Leather Sheath


Knappers Anonymous


make your own indian flute


Leather sheath for knives

make your own knife

from beer bottle to arrowhead

building a sweat lodge (don't make it airtight!)














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